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Director Producer
Juried Short Film Winner 2019 - Marthas

About the Artist

Film producer, director, and photographer, Cathleen Dean, creates innovative work inspired by her experiences in South Florida. Dean’s surroundings help fuel her work, and her subjects, translated through her storytelling abilities, engage her audience to ask questions about their surroundings.


Dean approaches her work from an anthropological point of view, aiming to uncover historical truths that have been lost, forgotten, or hidden with time, and illuminate their consequential presence in a contemporary environment. Dean is the City producer of the 48 Hour Film Project, a project instrumental in establishing a sense of community for South Florida’s Filmmakers.

Motion Pictures
Miami/Fort Lauderdale
48 Hour Film Project
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Wade In The Water

It Is Safe to Swim? Wade In The Water: Drowning in Racism Tells the Story of Desegregating South Florida Beaches

Cathleen Dean Film Maker



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